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Resident Anna is a blog about horror games run by award-winning game writer and narrative designer Anna C. Webster. Anna holds a Bachelor of the Arts in English from Virginia Commonwealth University, and her work is informed by her interest in clinical psychology and her background in the performing arts. She has written for spooky games such as The Foglands and Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, and this blog is where she logs her thoughts, analyses, and reviews about horror games and their designs: from the smallest of indie to the largest of AAA. She is still at large.

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Anna is always the first person to be willing to yell about horror games online for free. As such, she does not believe in the idea of paywalls. However, if you enjoy the content on this blog, you can optionally upgrade to a paid subscription - this is entirely optional, as this blog will always remain 100% free.

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A blog about horror games from indie to AAA


Anna C. Webster is an award-winning writer and narrative designer for games with a background in the performing arts and a love of all things spooky.